1. Screening is a must along with Verification. Please submit your info through the website. I will respond to you as soon as you have been Screened and Verified. I do not see every single person that inquires. I am selective  regarding who I spend my time with. Please be Respectful and we will both have an Amazing time that will never be forgotten!
2. Good Hygiene is a Must. Well Groomed, Freshly Clean and Showered and Please brush your teeth and / or use Listerine.
3. No Explicit Conversations. You Will be Blocked, No Exceptions. Do Not ask for nude pics or send nude pics! You will be Blocked and we will no longer have any form of communication! Do not ask for verification photos! I Do Not, Have Not and Will Not send any! I am very well Verified. Please respect my privacy. If you choose to book with me, Know that it is me, I do not play games and I will not tolerate any games. Thank You.
4. Absolutely No conversation regarding services. I provide mutual companionship, anything that occurs between two consenting adults will be at their discretion.
5. No Pimps or Thugs! You are Automatically Blocked.
6. Drugs are prohibited in your experience with me! I will Reject and Block you if I sense or detect that you are using drugs. I am Not drug friendly, I do Not condone or facilitate the use of them. Do Not call for an exchange in an attempt to lower my rate or attempt a complete exchange. You will be Blocked for any such behavior.
7. Be Punctual! I respect your time, always be respectful with mine. I understand that life happens and things come up. You should be able to notify me within an acceptable and reasonable amount of time and notice. Last minute tardiness will Terminate your date. Anything over 15 Mins. after your scheduled date time and you are a no show, your appointment will be Terminated Automatically and you will be Blocked.
8. My cancellation policy requires that you let me know at least 1 Hr. prior to your scheduled time of arrival if you are Cancelling or Requesting to change something. I am a very understanding person but a No Call or No Show Will Automatically Terminate Any and All Communication going Forward.